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重组蛋白PLG-27(Recombinant PPLG-27)

Catalog Number:
Packing Details:
10 mg
Lyophilized from 5 mM PBS at pH 7.4.
Mol. Wt.:
45 kDa
Synthetic Peptides
≥ 95%
Specific activity:
No purification tag
Shelf Life:
3 years
Protein PLG-27 is a synthetic protein that binds with immunoglobulins through interaction with the heavy chain. It can be conjugated to a wide variety of reporter molecules, including fluorescent dyes, enzyme markers, biotin, colloidal gold, and radioactive iodine without affecting the antibody binding site, which makes it suitable for use in immunological and other biological studies.

It is recommended that the product be reconstituted with sterile water into a final concentration of 10 mg/ml. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles and exposure to frequent changes in temperature.

The use of strong acids and bases, strong oxidants, and high concentrations of organic solvents should be avoided to prevent denaturation.
For research use only!